brian frankle joins six moon designs

So this is the announcement that Ron Moak mentioned he was going to make at the end of the month: "Six Moon Design is proud to announce that Brian Frankle, founder of Ultralight Adventure Equipment, has agreed to join us as Director of Pack Designs." Read the complete announcement here.

A new line of packs to look forward to . . .

banana slugs, patricks point sp


the future of ultralight gear, continued

Bob Cartwright of theoutdoorsstation.co.uk completes his interview series about the future of ultralight gear with Henry Shires of tarptent.com and Glen Van Peski of gossamergear.com.

Here are links to Part 3 with Henry Shires and Part 4 and 5 with Glen Van Peski.

Here's the interview with Ron Moak of sixmoondesigns.com in case you missed it.


field testing

Will be testing some new gear and updating my gear list during the upcoming week. Looks like my gear list will be much improved.


the coldest journey

This year, 68-year-old Sir Ranulph Fiennes plans to cross Antarctica during austral winter at a quicker pace than I plan to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail this summer.

He assures me that he's not doing it just to embarrass me.

Follow his expedition:


the future of ultralight gear

Bob Cartwright of theoutdoorsstation.co.uk interviews Ron Moak of sixmoondesigns.com as the first in a series about the future of ultralight gear.

He also includes links to several posts from other bloggers who've previously weighed in on the topic.

During the interview, Ron Moak mentions that SMD will be making some sort of announcement at the end of this month. I'm eager to hear what that will be.

Here are links to Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview.


pct 2013 self-resupply plan (first draft)

My schedule and resupply plan is based on hiking 20 mi/day for 6 days followed by a zero day (or 120 mi/week for about 22 weeks). Having never thru-hiked a long trail, I can only speculate about the cumulative effect that hiking so many miles over so many days will have on my pace. I hope that 120 mi/week turns out to be a conservative estimate of what I'll hike.

In the chart below, each row walks through
  • a departure town,
  • an arrival town,
  • the miles and days I'll need to hike between these towns,
  • the days of food I'll need to buy at the arrival town,
  • the days of food I'll mail ahead along the trail,
  • my bounce box mailing schedule,
  • my Sierra gear mailing schedule.

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.


pct thru-hike 2013

Looks like I'll be attempting a PCT thru-hike this year. I'll post my detailed gear list and resupply plan within the next few days, but here's some basic info about my plan so far.

Schedule: late April to late September.

Base Weight: My base weight is shaping up to be 11 lb. in the SoCal desert, 16 lb. in the Sierras, and 12 lb. in Oregon and Washington.

Resupply Strategy: After sending Sierra gear to Kennedy Meadows, I'll self-resupply out of a bounce box and by mailing food ahead along the trail when necessary.

Resources: I'll use Postholer's map books, Halfmile's Pacific Crest Trail Notes (free PDF download from pctmap.net), the PCT Data Book (free PDF download from postholer.com), and Google Maps on my smartphone when in town.