canada entry permit

Haven't received my PCT thru-hike permit yet, but I got my Canada entry permit today.

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pct 2013 daily routine

I've been thinking about what my average daily routine should be on the trail during my thru-hike attempt.

I based my routine on hiking 9 hours/day at 2.25 miles/hour for a total of 20.25 miles/day. I also included how many liters of water to consume during each activity just to become more aware of my water needs. On average, I would consume 8 liters of water/day, drinking 1 liter of water during every 4.5 miles of active hiking.

Average Daily Routine:
  1. Breakfast and break camp for 45 minutes (1L of water).
  2. Hike for 4 hours (2L of water).
  3. Lunch and rest for 30 minutes (1L of water).
  4. Hike for 4 hours (2L of water).
  5. Dinner and rest for 45 minutes (1L of water).
  6. Hike for 1 hour.
  7. Set up camp (1L of water).
Please note that I view this as a general outline, not a rigid plan.

Suggestions are welcome.


"paracording" the rubber grips of my trekking poles

I own a pair of Black Diamond Trail Back trekking poles. At 10 oz. each, they are not lightweight, but they were a great price and I like their FlickLocks. What I never liked was their rubber hand grips, which got slippery with sweat, caused hotspots on my thumbs, and generally felt unpleasant.   

I considered wrapping the grips in bicycle handlebar tape but settled on paracord instead. Paracord won't come unstuck like tape and is a great multiple-use item.

The paracord has worked great. It has a nice "grippy" feel and lets the moisture evaporate from my hands. It has added 0.7 oz. of weight to each pole.

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In case you're interested, here's what I did:
  1. Remove the screw from the top of the grip. (Note: I've long since removed the wrist strap that this screw secures.)
  2. Find the horizontal slot on the back of the grip. (This slot was for the wrist strap.)
  3. Make a small loop with the paracord and push it into the slot so that it will loop around the screw when you reinsert it.
  4. Reinsert the top screw.
  5. Tie off the loop with a square knot and stuff it into the slot.
  6. Wrap the grip tightly with paracord.
  7. When finished wrapping, tie off the paracord to the pole shaft.
  8. Melt the end of the paracord with a lighter.

whitewater preserve, ca

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Does the Red Dome boulder look a little like Meatwad to you, too? 


pct 2013 self-resupply plan (second draft)

In this draft, I have eliminated the use of a bounce box in favor of adding some of those items to the food boxes and Sierra gear box.

My schedule and resupply plan is based on hiking 20 mi/day for 6 days followed by a zero day (or 120 mi/week for about 22 weeks). Having never thru-hiked a long trail, I can only speculate about the cumulative effect that hiking so many miles over so many days will have on my pace. I hope that 120 mi/week turns out to be a conservative estimate of what I'll hike.

In the chart below, each row walks through
  • a departure town,
  • an arrival town,
  • the miles and days I'll need to hike between these towns,
  • the days of food I'll need to buy at the arrival town,
  • the days of food I'll mail ahead along the trail,
  • my bounce box mailing schedule,
  • my Sierra gear mailing schedule.

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks.