6/26 day 61

Fat and happy from town, I hiked only 13 miles to pct mile 920.

Sat and stared at the Devil's Postpile while eating peanut m&m's.

A few days ago, Just Chris told me a story about an old trail name he got during a previous year on the PCT. He was sitting with a group, and another hiker tried to steal his water report. When he caught the guy, he said, "Hey, I don't fall for no jack move!" Everyone started soling him Jack Move. The more I think about it, that may be the most kickass trail name I've heard yet. Jack Move.

Taste of civilization

6/25 day 60

Zero day in Mammoth Lakes to fill up bear can and stomach. Was also fun checking out the local gear shops.


6/24 day 59

Hiked 24 miles through snow flurries and drizzle to pct mile 907. Will zero and resupply in Mammoth Lakes tomorrow.


6/23 day 58

Hiked 20 miles to pct mile 883. First time I had to wear my bug head net.

6/22 day 57

Hiked 19 miles to pct mile 863. Saw a bear sauntering through the trees as I was digging a cat hole  for an evening deuce. I don't think it noticed me.

6/21 day 56

Climbed Muir Pass. Hiked 24 miles to pct mile 844.

6/20 day 55

Climbed Pinchot and Mather Pass.  Hiked 20 miles to pct.mile 820.

6/19 day 54

Satisfied found a bear hair, and I tied it around her wrist as a bracelet. Hiked 16 miles to pct mile 800.

6/18 day 53

Quick dip in chilly lake on Bighorn Plateau. So nice to lay out on grass in sun. Then across Forester Pass. Hiked 17 miles to pct mile 784.

6/17 day 52

Hiked to the summit of Mt. Whitney--14,500.ft. From.there, the PCT follows the John Muir Trail for the next couple of hundred miles.

6/16 day 51

Hiked 17 miles to Whitney ranger station. Will summit Whitney tomorrow. Those marmots sure have a loud chirp.

6/15 day 50

Hiked 19 miles to pct mile 750. Been fun hiking with Myla.

6//14 day 49

Saw my first marmot today. Hiked 14 miles to pct mile 731.

6/13 day 48

Hiked 15 miles to pct mile 717.

Ah, to be a marmot in the Sierras . . .

6/12 day 47

Nero day at Kennedy Meadows. Welcome to bear-can-ville.

6/11 day 46

Hiked 17 miles to pct mile 688. Took a dip in Kern River before camping. Will walk into Kennedy Meadows tomorrow morning.

6/10 day 45

Saw bear cub in tree right beside trail, just a few feet up to my left. Was afraid momma might barrel out of the woods, so we moved on quickly. The cub's likely an orphan, as it's apparently been in the area for a while. Hiked 17 miles to pct mile 681.

A butterfly in Belgian Red's Fly Creek tent

Belgian Red in ninja-assassin black

Thank you, Kern River, for your hospitality.

6/9 day 44

Hiked 13 miles to pct mile 664. Finally started hiking.up out of the 100 degree mojave desert.


6/8 day 43

6/8 day 43: hiked 20 miles to pct 651. Saw rusty bus by old mine. Great and timely trail magic provided by Natural Hiker and Yogi.

6/7 day 42

Hiked 11 miles to pct mile 631.

6/6 day 41

Hiked 18 miles to pct mile 620. As the first 700 miles of mostly desert terrain winds down and I approach Kennedy Meadows,  I've been thinking about which sections have been most difficult so far. The first was the hill after Hauser Creek on the very first day, miles 15-20. The second was the stretch from the Julian overpass to the third gate cache. The last and longest is the one I'm currently in, the section from Mojave to Kennedy Meadows.

6/5 day 40

Hiked 19 miles to pct mile 602. Only 100 miles from Kennedy Meadows and the Sierra Nevada!