8/24 day 120

Hiked 30 miles to pct mile 1940. Now halfway through Oregon. I plan to resupply for Washington in Cascade Locks on 9/3, which would mean I'd only have to average 19 miles per day through Washington to reach my original 9/30 finish date.

8/23 day 119

Hiked 26 miles to pct mile 1910.

Cold evening mist
in my gray beard.

8/22 day 118

The rain stopped in the middle of the night, so we were able to pack up dry. Got caught in another storm at the end of the day, though. Hiked 25 miles to pct mile 1884.

8/21 day 117

Hiked 24 miles to pct mile 1859. Hear a thunderstorm brewing.



8/18 day 114

Couldn't have my coffee this morning because a squirrel bombed Lionheart and me with pine cones--big, heavy pine cones with th seeds still in them. It dropped about seven of them from way up in the trees, and lucky number seven nailed my mug of hot water, spilling it in the dirt. Hiked 25 miles to pct mile 1799. More than 2/3 done with the trail now.

8/17 day 113

Hiked 24 miles to pct mile 1774.

8/16 day 112

Lots of hikers flipping up to Canada to hike south through WA and OR to avoid bad weather. I think it would feel pretty anticlimactic to see the northern terminus in Canada before actually finishing. I want to go from Mexico to Canada, south to north, come what may. Hiked 23 miles to pct mile 1750.

8/15 day 111

Hiked to Callahan's, pct mile 1727, to pick up my resupply box.


8/14 day 110

Just finished hiking the length of California. Now I need to be Turbo K-PAX through Oregon to make up for all those  fun zero days. Hiked 25 miles to pct pct mile 1708.

8/13 day 109

Showed up at 7 a.m. for the pancake challenge to eat five one-pound pancakes within two hours. I failed miserably, eating only two, and I  could barely keep the last few bites of the second pancake down. One thing I hadn't anticipated: pancakes get cold, so after a half hour you're choking down cold pancake. Apparently, only two people have won the challenge in the past five years, and one of them was a pro competitive eater. The old polaroids of hikers who have won are no more recent than 2003, 2001, 1998.... Thanks to Lionheart, Ladykiller, and the southbounders for cheering me on. After a short rest to digest, I hiked 21 miles to pct mile 1683.

8/12 day 108

Stopped in Seiad Valley for breakfast and a shower. Focus, from Australia, let me taste some Vegemite, which has a pretty dense texture and intense flavor. Decided to stay the night and attempt the pancake challenge tomorrow morning.

8/11 day 107

Hiked 25 miles to pct mile 1655.

8/10 day 106

Got to trailhead at 10 am and hiked into the Marble Mountains 24 miles to pct mile 1630.


8/9 day 105

Hung out in Etna for some birthday celebrations--mine, Belgian Red's and Gone Slow's. Hiker Hut trail angels baked a couple of yummy birthday cakes. Lionheart, Apache, Sierra Bum, and lots of others in town. Cream Tea and Skedaddle got me the beautiful birthday present pictured below. It must weigh over a pound, and they're making me carry it.


8/7 & 8/8 days 103 & 104

Hiked to Etna, pct mile 1606, for resupply. Had a little doggie and goat duo follow us back from the market to the hostel. Mailed a couple of food boxes ahead to Oregon.  Never found that white Subaru.

8/6 day 102

Hiked 23 miles to pct mile 1597. On the way, a southbound section hiker told me his white Subaru was parked with the keys in it at the market in town and that I was free to use it to get back to the trailhead.


Morning coffee

8/3 day 99

When I was back in Shasta, Double Sprainbow had asked me if I'd seen many rattlesnakes lately. She'd seen a few. I hadn't seen any since the southern deserts. Until today. I had a really, really close call with a rattler. It was under some manzanita bushes around a bend in the trail. It started writhing and rattling, and I, fighting forward momentum, started performing some sort of tiptoe and trekking pole dance, practically on top of it. But I then backed away, and it slithered off the trail.

No photos of the rattler, but here a some cool pitcher plants.

Hiked 20 miles to pct me 1533.

8/2 day 98

Hitched out if Shasta and up into Castle Crags this afternoon and hiked 7 miles to pct mile 1513. Castle Crags...


Mt. Shasta

Got an easy hitch out, but it's a hard town to leave. Mt. Shasta, where you can wear a sarong around your waist and a pyramid on your head and walk the streets and feel totally at home, I had forgotten how much I like you.


8/1 day 97

Took a zero in Shasta. Was nostalgic walking around, as this was the first town I experienced when moving to California 10 years ago. A lot of the downtown has stayed the same. Many of the shops are the same inside and out. Was even touched by the sight of the DMV, where I got my California license.

Kazu came through town, and we shared some local Lemurian lager while she showered and packed up her resupply. Later, when we were sitting behind Berryvale, a guy tossed us a bunch of bananas, blew us a two-handed kiss, and said 'We love you."

Caught up with Scat Tracker and showed her that photo of scat that appeared five feet from my tent one morning some days ago. She thinks it's from a bear. Wow.

7/31 day 96

Hitched to Mt. Shasta for a resupply and zero day. Picked up new shoes from PO in Dunsmuir but had to wait a few hours for next bus back to Shasta. Lucky for me, Lionheart was around for pizza, beer, and good conversation.

7/30 day 95

Hiked 20 miles to pct mile 1506, Castella campground, for a pizza party. Will hitch into Mt. Shasta tomorrow morning for resupply. Has been amazing hiking toward the mountain this week.

7/29 day 94

Hiked 23 miles to pct mile 1486. Good midday break at McCloud River. Many thanks to One Pint for being so generous with all her great food.

7/28 day 93

Hiked 20 miles to pct mile 1463. Had a good time camping with Jon, Bryce, Hannah, and One Pint.

7/27 day 92

Had a good hike with One Pint, 20 miles to pct mile 1443.

7/26 day 91

Hiked 16 miles to Burney Falls SP, pct mile 1423. I was on my way to do 5 more miles but ran into One Pint and wound up sharing a campsite with One Pint, Jon, Hannah, Bryce, Brad, and Melissa. Felt great to shower, wash and hang laundry, and eat some soft serve ice cream.